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Investment Grade
Climate Risk Assessment

XDI quantifies the cost of extreme weather and climate change impacts to physical assets.

Our analysis empowers decision makers and asset owners in business, Government and finance to strategically manage these impacts and identify opportunities for adaptation.

From high level assessment to granular detail. From probabilities of failure to a business case for adaptation.

From 1990 until 2100, by area, by asset, by business or by hazard. XDI is your partner on the journey from risk to resilience.

New Releases

The XDI Gross Domestic Climate Risk compares physical climate risk in over 2,600 territories around the world. View the dataset now.

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XDI’s analysis enables standard reporting to meet the needs of diverse users. Climate risk analysis results are captured in a range of reports suitable for presentation, or in physical risk datasets for embedding into wider company reporting. Our standard reports are ‘off the shelf’ purchases, designed as an alternative to more detailed bespoke analyses. From asset level adaptation, through TCFD/Financial Disclosure Reporting, to investment level aggregated portfolio intelligence, XDI reporting gives you the physical climate risk data you need quickly and cost effectively.

Asset level Climate risk Assessment

EasyXDI delivers on-demand asset level physical risk analysis to help you more accurately assess the cost of climate change impacts to an existing or planned asset. Simply enter your asset address, specify the asset type and click search. EasyXDI generates a downloadable report for a representative asset at any address in the world, sent to your inbox within minutes. Should your report identify risk, assets types can be customised to test adaptation options.

Engineering Grade TCFD Reporting

XDI works extensively with infrastructure organisations, property trusts, banks and investment firms to support climate financial disclosure in Australasia, Europe, UK and North America. As decision makers strive to expand the management of the issue, XDI is rapidly delivering the data that supports those needs.

Intelligence On Your Investments

XDI’s range of company intelligence products provide institutional investors with high level insights on extreme weather and climate change risks to a single company or group of companies. Aggregated information gives investors an understanding of the investee’s physical climate risk profile in simple financial metrics, based on the assets a company owns or leases around the world. 

Working with Key Decision Makers Across the Globe

XDI strives for the highest quality in the information that companies and communities use to make decisions.  XDI’s core technology, The Climate Risk Engines, have been in development and at work in the market for over a decade.  Globally, XDI analysis ranks the highest for hazards covered, geographical reach, and capacity for analysis of large numbers of assets.


Supporting Banking, Investment and Financing with:

  • Portfolio analysis
    High level risk identification with aggregated data
  • Single asset drill down
    Understanding which hazard presents the driving risk to a single asset
  • Company benchmarking

Infrastructure & Business

Supporting Corporate and Not-for-profit Business with:

  • Individual asset climate risk analysis and adaptation
  • Adaptation cost benefit analysis
    Building resilience in operations
    Build adaptation pathways and plan your resilience
  • Physical climate risk reporting
    TCFD aligned asset level insights for ESG and financial reporting
  • Portfolio analysis


Supporting Municipal, State and Federal Government with:

  • Cross dependent climate risk analysis
    Protecting community and infrastructure
  • Local economic impacts of climate
  • Local area hazard risk modelling
  • Land use planning with climate risk & change modelling

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Legal and General Investment Management
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Westpac Bank of Australia
  • ASB Bank New Zealand
  • Q Super
  • REST a superannuation trust
  • World Bank - Fiji and Samoa
  • GPT Group Australia
  • Fraser Property Group
  • Optus Telecommunications
  • National Broadband Network
  • Sydney Water
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Bluescope Steel
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • The City of New York
  • Infrastructure NSW
  • Dept Planning Industry and Environment, NSW
  • Dept Science and Environment, Queensland
  • Dept Health and Human Services, Victoria
  • Dept Corrective Services, Victoria

XDI approved resellers get access to our standard products and bespoke analysis, with simple-to-use pricing systems and in-house expert knowledge.

Global Reach

XDI is an international, independent provider of physical risk analysis with an established network of clients and resellers.

Leading Technology

XDI analysis is powered by the award-winning Climate Risk Engines, tried and tested in the market since 2011.

Standard Reporting

XDI’s standard reports present physical risk data in different packages for different sectors or sections of an organisation. Pick from a list depending on your clients’ needs.

Standard Pricing

XDI’s suite of standard products and pricing makes it easy for you to embed physical risk analysis into your proposals to clients.

Complex Problem Solving

Complex problems need clever solutions. XDI works closely with resellers to support bespoke solutions for your client.

Key Benefits

Sophisticated Climate Risk Analysis, Simple Reporting

Computational power, with simple outputs to inform decisions. From 1,500 terabytes of climate data to a single Net Present Value. From hundreds of flood maps to the number of your customers at risk.

Portfolio Stress Testing, One Asset at a Time

Risk engines purpose built for organisations with massive asset numbers, from 15 to 15 million. Asset level analysis down to component elements.

Investment Grade Results

Hard science, engineering and financial data give you robust and defensible numbers for real decisions, from due diligence to an investment business case.

High Resolution Climate Risk Data

5x5m flooding, 10x10km dynamic climate downscaling, single year time steps. Sub-asset element diagnostics to pinpoint failure modes.

Multiple Climate Risk Scenarios

Multiple climate modeler outputs from the global CORDEX and multiple sea level rise projections. Scenario selection can be optimised by the system or manual.

Cross Dependency and Supply Chain Risk

Risk analysis on critical supplies such as power, water and communications.

Software as a Service

Always on, always updated. The XDI Platform helps you visualise a future, show you how that future will change with your decisions, and plot progress as those decisions happen.

Patented Climate Risk Engines

Tried and tested since 2011. Used by Business, Governments, and finance organisations world wide.

Award winning climate risk assessment & TCFD reporting

Our Latest Report

Climate Risk Data on 34 million UK Addresses to Support Mortgage Lenders

Released in Glasgow at COP 26, The UK National Physical Climate Risk Report for Mortgage Lenders presents physical climate risk statistics for all 34 million commercial and residential addresses in the UK, including the geographical concentration of high-risk properties and the projected increases in insurance costs for 406 counties and equivalent areas.

Visit our COP 26 Announcement to see a list of the top ten areas based on number of high-risk properties in 2050, a summary of recommendations to commercial and residential lenders along with key take-outs.