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Provide your clients with the worlds most detailed physical climate risk analysis available. XDI approved resellers get access to our standard products and bespoke analysis, with simple-to-use pricing systems and in-house expert knowledge to help you help your client.

Global Reach

XDI is an international, independent provider of physical risk analysis with an established network of clients and resellers.

Leading Technology

XDI analysis is powered by the award-winning Climate Risk Engines, tried and tested in the market since 2007.

Standard Reporting

XDI’s standard reports present physical risk data in different packages for different sectors or sections of an organisation. Pick from a list depending on your clients’ needs.

Standard Pricing

XDI’s suite of standard products and pricing makes it easy for you to embed physical risk analysis into your proposals to clients.

Complex Problem Solving

Complex problems need clever solutions. XDI works closely with resellers to support bespoke solutions for your client.

XDI is your in-house expert on Physical Risk Analysis

Global leaders for specialist solutions

XDI works with a reseller network of management and engineering consultancies in UK, Europe, Australasia and North America. As a specialist company with a track record in high quality physical risk analysis, we are well placed to help you meet your clients’ needs.

We work closely with resellers to provide the best solution for your clients, providing expertise in an area of complexity new to many. Our analysis supports decision making in asset management, investment, land use planning and financial disclosure reporting.

Standard reports range from an automated single asset report, to multi company TCFD reporting. Bespoke solutions are provided for larger institutions who may have a high volume of assets, custom data needs, or complex security requirements.

XDI Reseller Support

XDI Platform & Products

With an extensive toolbox of proven products and innovative solutions, the XDI Platform and product suite offers a range of solutions to support your clients.

Sales & Marketing

As an approved XDI Reseller you will have access to a sales and marketing support package including presentation templates, product brochures, pricing sheets, case studies and further insights.


Technical Support

Backed by a team of specialists across science, engineering and software development, XDI project managers and data analysts ensure that you have access to the support you need.

Approved XDI Resellers

At XDI, we have an established network of approved resellers in UK and Europe, Australasia, and North America.